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Described as ‘the grand dame of divorce’, perhaps it’s unsurprising the lawyer who dealt with Princess Diana’s divorce is as grounded as they come: ‘The press is dominated by these big, hugely litigious cases. That’s the impression the public get of what we do and it’s completely wrong because most of our work is settled,’ she says, criticising the abundance of press reported cases: ‘I think that is quite wrong. I’m with Mr. Justice Mostyn on that.’

Discretion is her valour. She cites a ‘very, very complicated’ case from the last year between a very well known couple, praising the law assisted mediation process that kept it out of the news until six months after they’d separated. ‘It was delightful to have been able to have done it in a civilized way, indeed, the client said how nice it was they were still talking to each other.’